In proposing your property for sale, you can choose to do it yourself, or alternatively you can decide to contact a professional. It must be clearly in mind that to sell a house one must not simply find a buyer , but one must follow a series of steps that are necessary in order not to run into problems and not waste time in useless procedures.

If everything goes smoothly in a negotiation, the presence of a mediator may not even be necessary. But having an expert professional by your side helps to overcome situations and obstacles that may seem insurmountable, in order to be able to sell peacefully

Here are the steps to consider when selling a property:

– Evaluate your property

– Find the necessary documentation

– Promote your property

– Manage requests and organize visits

– Manage contracts and proposals

– Manage the negotiation

– Manage bureaucratic formalities and transfers after the sale

Evaluate your property

Often you see properties in advertisements for totally busted figures. The amount spent on the purchase in a period of market fluctuation is not the amount that will be realized on the sale, similarly if you do not have a good knowledge of the market you could underestimate your home and risk being cheated. For the evaluation we start from the commercial meters, the proposals and the sales in the area must be compared, comparing one’s home with similar properties, applying and considering particular characteristics of the property (garden, lift, condition, services, etc.). And only after having considered all the factors can a starting price be established.

A professional who works in your city will be the best evaluator to establish an adequate market price from which to start selling the property in a reasonable time and not find you with 20 visits a week for several months without concluding anything, or losing suitable offers and reject them and then regret it.

Promote your property and manage contacts

A sign is not enough to sell a house. The cartel is one of the many tools available . Today there are specialized sector sites, generic portals, social networks and magazines. How to set up the ad, the photos to choose and the type of description to do is also important.